Mike (daystreet) wrote,

The Uppity Nigger Attack

The developing "Obama's Arrogance and/or Presumptuousness Problem" -- promulgated not just by the McCain Attack Machine but also by the media -- really ought to be called "Obama's Uppity Nigger Problem", but of course we can't call it that.

First, we shouldn't be calling it his "Uppity Nigger Problem" because the notion of an uppity nigger is something that is hatched in the minds of those who "perceive" the "arrogance".

Second, you can't call it that because to do so is to give McCain and the media permission to protest their innocence and accuse those who call it uppity niggerism of being racist themselves.

Third, what it really is is the same thing they always pull on the Democrats... he isn't like us, he is stuck up, he is John Kerry, he is Al Gore, he is etc., etc. So in that sense, the Republicans always employ the uppity nigger meme; it's just that this time they have an actual black guy to use it on. Calling it uppity niggerism is just adding one more fillip to smack the Democrat with, but a fillip that has a particularly redneck American appeal. He isn't just an uppity Democrat, he is an uppity nigger Democrat.

Now, having said all of that, I still have to call it what it is. McCain and the media are painting Obama as an uppity nigger. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. There is no "arrogance". There is no "presumption". Look at the facts and you will see that. So what we are left with is the Republican attack machine's "uppity Democrat" meme, painted black.

It turns my effing stomach.
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